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purified adj : made pure [syn: refined, sublimate]purify


1 remove impurities from, increase the concentration of, and separate through the process of distillation; "purify the water" [syn: sublimate, make pure, distill]
2 make pure or free from sin or guilt; "he left the monastery purified" [syn: purge, sanctify]
3 become clean or pure or free of guilt and sin; "The hippies came to the ashram in order to purify" [also: purified]purified See purify

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  1. Made or rendered pure or more pure.
    He will only drink purified water.


  1. past of purify

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"Purified" redirects here, for the single by Michael W. Smith, see Worship (album)
Purified is the seventh solo album by gospel artist Cece Winans. This album was released under her own label, Pursprings Gospel. The singles "Pray" and "All That I Need" were released in July in anticipation of the albums release. Winans' nephew, Mario Winans, produced the hit single "Pray" while her son, Alvin Love III, helped write three songs on the album.

Track listing

  1. Mama's Kitchen (S. Sanders, D. Ramsey, T. Sims, H. Headley)
  2. You Will (T. Sims)
  3. Pray (M. Winans, M. Jones, C. Winans),
  4. All That I Need (C. Winans, K. Thomas)
  5. Just Like That (C. Winans, K. Thomas)
  6. You Are Loved (D.W. Allen, D. Matkovsky, M. Stone)
  7. Let Everything That Hath Breath (W. Burke, J. Kwafie, F. Sawyers, M. Walker)
  8. Always Sisters (Featuring Angie & Debbie Winans)(C. Winans, A. Winans, D. Winans, T. Sims)
  9. I Promise (Wedding Song) (C. Winans- Music, K. Thomas-Lyrics)
  10. Colorful World (C. Winans/A. Love III-Music, K. Thomas-Lyrics)
  11. A Place Like This (C. Winans/A. Love III-Music/K. Thomas-Lyrics)
  12. Purified (C. Winans/A. Love III-Music/K. Thomas-Lyrics)
  13. Hes Concerned (K. Parker)


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